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Hallo, this is Tech Support……

There always seems to be plenty of people who want to take advantage of others.  Last week I had  two people tell me about “Tech-Support” scammers, a family member and a friend from church.  One handled the situation properly, the other not so much so.

The first line of defense is awareness, not everyone has YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART.  Microsoft says it received 153,000 reports in 2017 from customers who’d come in contact with tech-support scammers via a cold call, spam, or the web.  Microsoft reported that some 15% of customers who reported incidents lost between $200 and $400 each.   Microsoft is not going to be calling you, at times it can even be difficult to get in contact with Microsoft. Continue reading Hallo, this is Tech Support……

I Forgot

As a retailer and as people who are working to serve our community, there are two words that are hard to hear, “I forgot”.  “I forgot what I came here to buy”.  “I forgot my wallet”.  “I forgot you were here.”  I forget a lot as well, and it is getting more pronounced.  Memory lapses are part of our human condition.  We can cry about them, get angry, write notes  or just forget about them.  Someday, there may be a solution, but for now we can have fun with them.  The video below is a cute song that many of us can relate to.


Growing Snow Peas and Other Varieties

April 5, 2018 Frost covered snow peas, low temperature of 28°F. Photo by Charles E. Coburn, Jr 270-676-3992 ©2018

Getting an “early” garden start in Kentucky can be a bit risky.  This year we had temperatures above 70° F in mid-February.  Now in April we have forecast lows of 26°F.  Nortonville, KY is in hardiness zone 6b and has medium length growing season. Most vegetable varieties will have no problem maturing before your first frost date. With a last frost date of April 12th and first frost date of October 21. This gives us a minimum of 192 day growing season. These dates will vary a week or two so it’s important to watch the weather before planting. The only thing that I left exposed last night (April 5th, 2018) were these snow peas, they should be OK because they are cold tolerant.   Continue reading Growing Snow Peas and Other Varieties

Organic or Chemical

Composting Piles, the lifeblood of the organic gardener. Nose plugs, shovels, rakes and boots sold separately.

This article is borrowed from Mark Taylor

The “Organic” verses “Chemical Fertilizer” thing really needs to be set straight in my opinion. In the minds of most Gardeners, there is “Organic Gardening” and “Chemical fertilization”. One sounds so nice and natural. The other, by just one word, sounds dangerous. Let’s first correct the improper use of language when describing the fertilization of crops. An “organic” garden is one that uses compost, manure, eggshells, fish emulsion and other things of this nature to fertilize the plants. To be specific, Organic is something that is, once was, or was derived from a living organism. Organism > organic, makes sense to me. The “Chemical fertilizer” thing. To start with, if it is not organic, it can only be one other thing….inorganic. Inorganic is best described as something that is derived from material such as rock, air, water or a gas. Continue reading Organic or Chemical

What’s Hidden in the Garden?

I enjoy gardening, or more correctly, watching things grow.  It always amazes me, when good seeds are planted in the proper conditions, how quickly they sprout and grow.  To me it’s better than magic.

Radish sprout (German Giant) 10 days old quarter dollar and a German Giant radish seed. Using the quarter for a size reference.

In the image above, on the quarter, there is a radish seed.  The variety of radish is a German Giant Radish.  The package says, “The ideal vegetable because it is not only the easiest to grow but also the fastest growing.”  That got my attention- easy and fast.  There are not many things in life that are both easy and fast.  “These characteristics make it ideal for children to grow. Excellent as a salad vegetable, eaten plain or as a garnish.”  Alright I’m far from a child, age wise anyway, but I’m sold. Continue reading What’s Hidden in the Garden?

Sawyer 20% Picaridin Number One Rated Insect Repellent Available at Fango’s

With temperatures becoming a more tolerable, it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  But biting flies, ticks, gnats, fleas, mosquitoes and chiggers love to see you outside also.  Don’t let these nuisance pest keep you from enjoying  your love for the outdoors.  We have a solution,  Sawyer’s Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin.

Sawyer Picaridin is not only effective against common disease carrying nuisances like mosquitoes and ticks, it also works better against flies than DEET.  Picaridin (when used as directed) is safe to use on the whole family and can last up to 14 hours.

Picaridin is perfect balance of efficacy, safety and user-friendliness.  It repels a wide variety of pests including mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, sand flies, gnats, chiggers and midges (sand flies).  It is the longest lasting repellent with up to 14 hours of protection against mosquitoes and ticks and up to 8 hours against a variety of flies, chiggers and gnats.  It’s non-greasy, has a pleasant low odor and won’t damage plastics of synthetic coatings.  All these factors combined makes Picaridin the optimal topical repellent for the entire family.

Check this informational video “What really works against bug bites”

How Mosquitoes Find You

Ever wonder why mosquitoes are more attracted to some people than others?  Researchers have speculated that the human skin produces 300 or more chemicals, and every person is different.

Some species of mosquitoes are more aggressive than others but all mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide (exhaled breath), lactic acid, and many other human emissions.  So, the mix your body is giving off (smorgasbord) may or may not be more attractive to a mosquito.

How it works

Topical (applied to body surfaces, such as the skin) repellents create a vapor barrier atop skin which masks or scrambles the signals if attraction that humans emit.  They make it tougher for mosquitoes to locate their target…which is you!  For best results treat your clothing and gear with Sawyer’s permethrin,  Mosquitoes are better hoppers than flyers, adding more permethrin treated landing surfaces around you greatly increases their chances of landing on the treated fabrics and dying before they can find your skin.

Tips and Tricks

  • Bugs bite most between dawn and dusk.  Be extra bug-vigilant then.
  • Camp or take breaks in breezy areas.  Mosquitoes have trouble tracking targets in windy conditions.
  • When using sunscreen and insect repellent, apply sunscreen first and let dry before applying a repellent.  Typically lotion repellents work better with sunscreens.
  • As a bonus, picaridin is gear  safe,  It sill not ruin things like your fishing line, firearm finishes, lures, watches, sunglasses and some synthetic fabrics, which liquid DEET can harm,  (always follow manufactures directions)



Selecting New Items for Fango’s Inventory

Lesley and I use products that are outside the scope of what Fango’s sells or could possibly sell.  But when we find products that do what they claim to do, could be of benefit to our customers, and are moderately priced, we love offering these items to our customers.

We have experience with these products and are excited about them.  We are confident in selling these products and recommend them because we know how well they work.  I will also do some research on these “new” items to find out what the industry “thinks of these items”.  Being a small local business we know our customers and do our best to look out for their safety and well being.  We want you, our customer, to have products that work and are economical.  We know how tight money is, and how hard you work for what you have.  We have to be selective on what we stock, because of economic factors.  If we pick a “dog”, we have money tied up in an item that does not sell.  Each year we pay the State of Kentucky, Hopkins County and the city of Nortonville an inventory tax, whether the item sells or not.  Also due to space limitations we can not stock everything.

We are looking to stock items, to use a baseball term, that generate hits, not necessarily looking for home runs.  If you have product suggestions, let us know how often you purchase this item and the approximate  price you pay for this item. Lesley or I will look into stocking this Item at Fango’s.

We are looking at items that:

  • Benefit you, our customer
  • That are affordable
  • Safe to you and our environment
  • Generates value for you
  • Items that our customers are willing to purchase from Fango’s
  • Prefer products that are Made in the United States

Spring Time is Seed Time


Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to make your garden seed selections.  During this past winter we looked at various seed companies and discovered Mountain Valley Seed Company.  They have a great selection of heirloom vegetable seeds and they do not stock GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds.  If you have any questions or have any specialty seed request we will do what we can to help  you find that variety.

Here is what Mountain Valley Seed has to say about themselves.

Since 1974 Mountain Valley Seed Co. has been providing fellow passionate growers with a wide range of high quality seeds at wholesale prices. Our business has grown, but we are proud to still be a “little guy” and remain one of the few truly independent seed companies in the nation. We are still catering to the local grower, still operating as a small company and still supporting all of our local growing movements.

Whether you’re a hard-core-old-school farmer, a back-yard- urban-gardener or an organic-local-food CSA grower, our extensive product line has a little something for everyone: from vegetable, herb, sprouting and MicroGreen seeds to wildflowers and exotic flower varieties. If you are looking for open pollinated (OP), heirloom or certified organic seeds – we’ve got those. If you are looking for specialized hybrid seeds, we have those, too. If you need archive quality storage seeds, you’ve found THE EXPERTS. We even sell seeds to help you grow ginormous competition level 1,200 lb. pumpkins! But, if you are looking to purchase GMO seeds, sorry, you will need to look somewhere else. We won’t sell any of those.

We have something in common; we’re all growing the future together.

Spring is Here!

Roxy and I took time out from our busy day to get out and visit nature.
Roxy and I took time out from our busy day to get out and visit nature.

After our long winter, if you are like most of us, you are ready for spring.  The daffodils are blooming in places, tulips are starting to push through the earth.   Yes we are going from the grayscales of winter into the full technicolor of spring.

Also we have the full array of activities that await us, on those first nice days of spring.  Fishing, long walks in the woods taking in the fresh air, picking up and cleaning up the effects of winter, gardening and countless other activities that we have been putting off all winter to enjoy.  It’s time to get out and enjoy all the gifts that have been bestowed upon us.

As you start your spring projects look upon Fango’s as your local resource center.  We have over 17,000 items on hand, with nearly 70,000 items in our warehouse.  Both Lesley and myself have been here at Fango’s for 27 years. I know, I know, some of you are thinking, man how old are ya’ll.  Don’t think of us as old, consider us experienced and resourceful.

Enjoy the spring season, and we are here to help you with the products you need to have a successful spring.