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The Few That Hurt Us All

Earlier this morning I was talking with Brad Payne.  He needed an extension cord and Angy showed him the cords we have.  At check-out, we were chit chatting, and Brad asked if I knew Jeremy Crick.

 Brad Payne is a tremendous help to our community with all the work he does with Hope-2-All and the food bank.   Jeremy Crick is a Deputy Sherriff and also installs security systems.  I asked Brad if things were ok.  He paused a minute and stated that Jeremy was installing a security system at the food bank.  I thought to myself, “Really, they have to spend valuable resources for a security system”.  If anyone would ask the people involved with Hope-2-All, any of them would do what they could to get you what you needed. 

Brad saw that I was upset and went on to explain, that a few individuals were helping themselves to items that had been donated to the food bank, clothing and the like.  It appears that a few individuals have been going through these items, taking the better items, then selling them in their yard sale.  People are AMAZING and not always in a good way!

We live in a good community; most everyone wants what is right.  They work, try to make this a better place but some just don’t get it.  I cannot answer way they don’t seem to get it, and I do not have an answer as to what it will take to get them to understand how demoralizing their actions are.  They feed on the kindness and trust of others and do tremendous damage to our community.  They are truly scavengers and bottom feeders.

I am not asking anyone to be a hero, but if you see someone up to no good, put a light on them.  They want to do their deeds in darkness, putting a little light on the subject will usually drive them away.  Help look out for your neighbors and community.  If you know someone is doing wrong, talk to them.  Let them know they are doing wrong.  Any and all help will be appreciated.  

Twenty Five Years and Still Ticking!

25 Years of Serving The Nortonville Community
Today marks Fango’s 25th year in business.  I think back and it seems like yesterday we were preparing to open our business.  I take a step and my feet swear we have been here a century!
There has been a lot of change in the last twenty five years. Lesley and I have raised three amazing children into adulthood.  Have had numerous of the community’s children work here, most of them working thier first job.  We have even had the childrens childen work here.  Most of the young adults that have worked here have gone on to be productive members of our community.  Lesley and I are very thankful to be part of that.
We are located across from the Fire and Rescue Squad.  From our front door we see the valuable works you volunteers give to our community, I salute you all.  I can also see the ball park and now soccer fields.  At times I catch myself looking out watching our community’s children at play.  These activies also take countless hours from volunteers, thank you all for the time and energy you put into our community.  At our City Hall, the third Memorial stone has been erected, listing names of those who have served in our armed forces.  A special salute to those who have served to protect the freedoms and choices we have as United States of American citizens.  I give a special thanks to my son, for allowing me to be a part of his commissioning ceremony as Lieutenant in the US Air Force.  I know several families in our community have childern serving overseas now, we pray for their safe return home.
Lesley and I have been so blessed to be able to serve so many good people.  Thank you!

Some Amazing Talent in Nortonville!

Amazing detail and skill!


Bailey Dickinson was standing in front of the checkout, waiting for all the customers in the store to leave.  I asked him, “What do you need, Bailey?”  He replied, “Nothing, right now, I want to show you something!” 

He opened his hand and I looked at what he was holding in astonishment.  “Bailey, what is it I asked?”  He responded after a few seconds, “No idea, I just saw it in my mind and started carving.”

He moved his hand forward, to hand it to me.  I was almost afraid to hold it, it looked so delicate.  As I reached for it, I noticed the three little balls moving inside Bailey’s creation.  I looked up at him and asked, “How did you do that, get the balls inside?”  He grinned real big, “Very slowly.  I took a pocket knife and whittled a little at a time.” 

I moved my hand. The box inside holding the two little balls slide back and forth.  I looked at him and shook my head.  I had never seen anything like this.  This item measures about 4″ long and about 3/4 of an inch wide and hand carved out of a single piece of wood.

I asked what possessed him to take on this project.  He looked at me and said, “I just wanted to know if I could still carve.”

I asked permission to take a picture and share this story.  Each time I look at this picture I shake my head in wonder.