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What’s Hidden in the Garden?

I enjoy gardening, or more correctly, watching things grow.  It always amazes me, when good seeds are planted in the proper conditions, how quickly they sprout and grow.  To me it’s better than magic.

Radish sprout (German Giant) 10 days old quarter dollar and a German Giant radish seed. Using the quarter for a size reference.

In the image above, on the quarter, there is a radish seed.  The variety of radish is a German Giant Radish.  The package says, “The ideal vegetable because it is not only the easiest to grow but also the fastest growing.”  That got my attention- easy and fast.  There are not many things in life that are both easy and fast.  “These characteristics make it ideal for children to grow. Excellent as a salad vegetable, eaten plain or as a garnish.”  Alright I’m far from a child, age wise anyway, but I’m sold. Continue reading What’s Hidden in the Garden?